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Monday, October 23, 2017

Camille Paglia Attacks Public Schools For Producing Students Ignorant of History

Liberal Professor says Dumbing Down of America Began in Public Education

Liberal, feminist (in the classic sense), college professor Camille Paglia is at it again, triggering America’s leftwing crybabies with her blunt honesty and her perceptive commentary about the ills in modern America.
In a recent conversation with conservative philosopher (and educator) Christina Hoff Sommers, Paglia reveals that many of our current problems on the college campus really began in public elementary and secondary schools.
“It’s really started at the level of public school education. I’ve been teaching now for 46 years as a classroom teacher, and I have felt the slow devolution of the quality of public school education in the classroom.”
Paglia argues that the vase majority of today’s college students have no sense of history, no sense of geography, and no understanding of how things work or why they are the way they are.
What has happened is these young people now getting to college have no sense of history – of any kind! No sense of history. No world geography. No sense of the violence and the barbarities of history. So, they think that the whole world has always been like this, a kind of nice, comfortable world where you can go to the store and get orange juice and milk, and you can turn on the water and the hot water comes out. They have no sense whatever of the destruction, of the great civilizations that rose and fell, and so on – and how arrogant people get when they’re in a comfortable civilization. They now have been taught to look around them to see defects in America – which is the freest country in the history of the world – and to feel that somehow America is the source of all evil in the universe, and it’s because they’ve never been exposed to the actual evil of the history of humanity. They know nothing!”
This really explains, not just our current college crisis, but a much wider swath of problems that we face in our culture. From the NFL protests, to Antifa, to BlackLivesMatter, to the Democrats rage against religious values and traditional societal norms. These groups have no sense of history and instead of recognizing that our nation has miraculously developed into the freest and most welcoming society the world has ever known… all they see is negatives. They only see the problems we still face, and they focus all of their time and energy on these things, blinding themselves to the reality of the world around them.
It seems that Paglia has discovered something that God explained long ago, in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge…”
NOTE:  This article published in today's online  
Several decades ago, when Paglia published her Sexual Personae , I wrote and published (in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction and article (about and beginning with the term Demasculinization)  based on quotes from her book.  I had not heard much about her until recently when she began appearing on C-SPAN.  It is good to see she still is providing us with ammo in our war against bad stuff going on in our culture.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Old-Fashioned Fireside Tale of Wonder and Providence -- Review of Andrew M. Seddon's "Tales From The Brackenwood Ghost Club"

Reviews Of Recently Published Science Fiction And Fantasy Books
Reviewer: Forrest Schultz 770-583-3258
October 20, 2017
A Breath Of Fresh Air From Days Of Yore:  Old-Fashioned Fireside Tales of Wonder and Providence

A Review of

Andrew M Seddon  Tales From The Brackenwood Ghost Club (Create Space, 2017)
                                196 pp   $9.99   ISBN: 978-1975720575

Reviewed By:  Forrest W. Schultz

     Unlike the typical anthology, this is a collection of tales which were delivered -- by the persons to whom they happened -- in a informal setting:  the living room of the host of the meetings of a local ghost club in Britain.  This fireside chat atmosphere and the tales themselves remind me of my campfire experiences many years ago at Camp Delmont and Camp Sankanac in eastern Pennsylvania.  And, as noted in an appended essay at the back of the book and on the book's back cover, these tales are classic ghost stories manifesting the uncanny and Providential qualities of the Christian world-view, in which  God sometimes does strange things which are beyond our ken.  There is a great variety among the eleven tales in this book, which is to be expected because God likes variety!  These tales, however, are alike in that each one is short, well-told, memorable and edifying.  For these reasons I highly recommend this book, and I wish to thank the author for sharing these tales with us.

For information on the author, you can visit his website at . 

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Review of Kazuo Ishiguro's "The Remains Of The Day" -- winner of Nobel Prize For Literature

Musings On The Ideal Lord and The Ideal Butler

A Review of

Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains Of The Day  (Vintage Books, 1989)
                          $11.00   ISBN: 0-679-73172-5

Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz

     This is one of the most interesting and most unusual and best written books I have ever read -- and I have read over a thousand books!  It is a narration by a British butler about his life and about the discussions he and other butlers had concerning the qualities which a butler and a lord should have.  It is no wonder that this book has earned so many awards, the most recent being of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Polish People Pray for Protection from Islamic Invasion By Dr. Jerry Newcombe October 12, 2017

Polish People Pray for Protection from Islamic Invasion

Monday, October 09, 2017

Our Flag Stands for American IDEALS !!! (NOT The Sins of Americans!!!)

Our Flag Stands for American IDEALS !!!  (NOT The Sins of Americans!!!)

1. The answer to what is going on in re our flag at today's NFL Games is simply this, namely that our flag stands for American IDEALS, NOT the sins committed by Americans and American institutions.

2. Ironically,one of these sins is the tackling and collision in NFL Football games!!  THAT is what we should protest against at football games!!  The answer to that is very simple -- eliminate tackling and collision from football.  Replace tackle/collision football with touch football.

Forrest W. Schultz

Tuesday, October 03, 2017




Andrea Grosso Ciponte and Dacia Palmerino Renegade -- Martin Luther:                                               The Graphic Biography (Plough Publishing, 2017)
                                          155 pp   $19.95   ISBN: 978-0874862072

Translator:  Michael G. Parker

Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz

      When I was a boy Superman was my favorite comic book super-hero.  Since then the greatness of Superman has been recognized in  Superman:  The Movie starring Christopher Reeve and in today's "graphic novels" of Superman.  Martin Luther has long been regarded as one of the greatest of history's "movers and shakers" (as we used to say back in the 1980s) and now, with the publication of the book under review he is rightly regarded as one of its super-heroes.  Now, if super-heroes are appropriate as characters in graphic novels, and if Luther is a super-hero, then it logically follows that it is permissible and reasonable to tell us his biography by means of the graphic novel format.  Q.E.D.  Having said that, it must be admitted that it certainly seems very far-out to use the graphic novel for talking about Luther, but that very seeming strangeness is what makes this book so interesting and attractive AND lots of fun to read and look at!!  It is its very unexpectedness that makes it so funny and yet also a striking way of communicating what Luther and his time was like.  AND, because October 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Luther's posting of the famous (or is it infamous?) 95 Theses, this year there are (and will be) lots of books about Luther, the book under review here has a great advantage because, unlike the others, this one presents such a strange and interesting format!!  If you are tired of reading same-old-same-old theology and history books about Luther, I recommend reading Renegade !!   The book's very format is a renegade type! 

     But what about historical accuracy??  Aha!  Glad you asked.  Listen, this innovative graphic novel format is very appropriate because Luther himself was very innovative in HIS time in using the then newly invented printing press to publicize his teachings.  And some of his writings included what we now call cartoons!  AND, Luther not only was up to date but he also was a pace-SETTER in that his excellent German translation of the Bible greatly influenced the future of the German language just as a century later the excellence of the King James translation of the Bible greatly influenced the future of the English language.  Luther was not only "with it", he also established what later became regarded as "with it"!!  As a famous verse in the Bible puts it, he was "the head" not "the tail" -- an innovator, not a copycat. 

     Back in the 60s there was a lot of discussion about "medium" and "message" due to the provocative ideas of a man named Marshall  McLuhan.  My conclusion on that matter is that the medium influences or becomes part of the message.  As I hope I have established above, the graphic novel medium is appropriately used in communicating the message we need to know about Luther.

     I wish to thank Maureen Swinger from Plough Publishing for sending me a copy of this very interesting book.  It will be published next week.  

October 3, 2017