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Wednesday, March 08, 2017




Trump's use of Twitter being regarded as quite innovative for a head of State.

Hey, nothing new about that.  Ever hear about how Julius Caesar informed the Senate of one of his military victories??  He did it in only THREE  WORDS!!! :

Veni,  Vidi,  Vici -- three words in LATIN that is, in English it is six words:


This is how a certain historical scholar put it::

To inform his friends back in Rome of his victory, Caesar succinctly wrote, "Veni, vidi, vici," or "I came, I saw, I conquered." Even back then, people were impressed with the way Caesar summarized his triumph: Plutarch writes that "In Latin, however, the words have the same inflectional ending, and so a brevity which is most impressive."

Posted by Me, Forrest Schultz,  on  March 8,  2017 A.D.

I do not care that much for Caesar but I really like his Tweet!!  Don't you love it??!!  Very refreshing, esp. after having to read so much bureaucratic stuff!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The "Fault" Of The Coming Quake -- Review of Karen Van Til Gushta's "How Can America Survive?"


A  Review  of:

Karen Van Til Gushta How Can America Survive? (Truth in Action Ministries, 2012)
                                    255 pp   $   ISBN: 978-1-929626-09-0

Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz

     I still remember how I used to jokingly reply to the news of a California earthquake by proclaiming:  "Don't blame me; it was Sandreas Fault!".  I had fun doing that, but there is nothing funny about the horrendous economic earthquake which the author predicts unless Americans rapidly begin to take drastic steps to avert it.  Her analysis of the problem is quite extensive as well as intensive which results in her recommendations which are quite drastic.  The diagnosis as well as the cure are too complex to summarize here, but what is simple about them is their ultimate basis, which involves a radical repentance of our sins and a return to the radical faith in and obedience to God, which are taught in the Bible, not only to insure our eternal destiny but also to provide great blessings in all areas of life here and now.

     Gushta's uncompromising stance here is not surprising because she is thereby following in the footsteps of her Great Uncle, Prof. Cornelius Van Til, which is where her middle name comes from.

March 7, 2017

Monday, March 06, 2017

"THE LATEST ED WAR" -- Review of Karen Van Til Gushta's Common Core

Here is my review of Karen Van Til Gusta's latest book.



A Review of

Karen Van Til Gushta Common Core (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2015)
                                     $15.00   144 pp   ISBN: 978-1-929626-63-2

Reviewer:  Forrest Wayne Schultz

     In this very important and well-written book Dr. Karen Van Til Gushta explains what Common Core is, who favors it and who opposes it, why it is harmful, and how it fits into the contemporary trend in American education in which ever more power is being wielded by the federal government, and in which the conduct of education is becoming ever more bureaucratic and ever more anti-Christian.  I highly recommend this book as I did the author's earlier book The War On Children -- in fact, this book can be regarded as the latest battle in the war against children! Oh --  and in case you are wondering about the author's middle name, Cornelius Van Til is her great uncle, and, as the saying goes she is following in his steps!!  

March 6, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

EXCELLENT BIOGRAPHY OF GORDON CLARK PUBLISHED -- Review of Douglas Douma's "The Presbyterian Philosopher: Bio of Gordon Clark"


A review of

Douglas J. Douma  The Presbyterian Philosopher:
                                 The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark (Wipf, 2017)
                                 292 pp   $37.00   ISBN: 978-1-4326-0724-0

Foreward By Clark’s Daughters:   Lois Zeller and Betsy Clark George

Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz

     This biography is so well written and carefully documented that it has received three pages (i, ii, iii) of highly laudatory plaudits from some of the most prominent leaders in the contemporary Reformed community.  Perhaps the most noteworthy and impressive of these plaudits is the one by John Frame, who for the past five decades has been regarded as the leading authority on the thought of Cornelius Van Til, which has usually been deemed to be antithetical to the philosophy of Gordon Clark.  And, I am pleased to say that Doug Douma has dealt with the Clark vs. Van Til controversy in a professional and irenic fashion.

     Douma has also refrained from expressions of wrath in his portrayal of the very sad defections (from Clark’s high view of Scripture) by his former students (at Wheaton College) Drs. Edward J. Carnell and Paul K. Jewett into the false notion that errors are present in Scripture – a belief for which they became notorious while they were professors at Fuller Seminary.

     On the lighter side, Douma had a lot of fun reporting the reactions of two of Clark’s  other students at Wheaton:  Ruth Bell and Billy Graham.  Ruth said she welcomed the hard facts; but Billy rebuked Clark for being “cold”.  Douma’s portrayal of Billy’s rebuke of Clark is reminiscent to that of Dr. McCoy’s reaction to the cold logic of Mr. Spock on Star Trek!


     It is not surprising that a large portion of Douma’s book is devoted to the well-known, but poorly understood, “Clark case” in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, which never conducted a Clark vs. Van Til debate, but instead handled the matter in a very bureaucratic way, which many sarcastically regard as typical of Presbyterianism!  Douma discusses, at different places in his book, the various elements in the Clark vs. Van Til dispute, which discussions are too lengthy and complex to summarize here.  I encourage you to read and ponder them and also to consult the extensive bibliography provided in the back of the book.  One of these books which I highly recommend (which is not discussed by Douma) is the late Robert L. Reymond’s The Justification of Knowledge, which sets forth my own view – I am a Reymondite Van Tillian.

     Douma concludes his story with a happy ending, relating how in their old age Clark and Van Til not only were reconciled but became friends.  Such a reconciliation is rare, BUT it is not to be unexpected because of a little known fact about Westminster Theological Seminary:  its campus is located on a former estate populated by rare trees, thus serving as a fitting environment for a rare reconciliation.  This is very meaningful to me because those rare trees also served as a fitting environment for me many moons ago when I was a Th.M. student at WTS writing my thesis on what then was a rare topic, the Biblical view of ecology.

     Information on the author is available at

     Posts by the reviewer are found at

February 21, 2017


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Check This Out.  Sounds Like a Great Idea!!

Please Note:  although participation in the discussion group is free, you do have to pay to buy the book.



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The Latest News & Information
February 12, 2017 

Our first Book of the Month discussion on February 6th was a success, and we'd love to have you join us for our next discussion on Monday, March 13th!
What's the book club all about?...

It's an Easy Way for You to Increase Your Understanding of the Great Books of R. J. Rushdoony from the Convenience of Your Home-and It's FREE!

As with any book club, you simply read each book yourself before the scheduled discussion date, and then you'll be sent an email with access information to participate in the online discussion. Each discussion leader is chosen based upon their familiarity with specific titles and subjects, and their willingness to spark conversation. The sessions will be hosted by Chalcedon's Andrea Schwartz.

Our NEXT Book of the Month Discussion is on Faith & Wellness: Resisting the State Control of Healthcare by Restoring the Priestly Calling of Doctors
Monday, March 13th at 9:00 pm (EST), 8:00 pm (CST), 6:00 pm (PST)
Led by Dr. Rhett Bergeron, Christian physician.
Get a jump start by ordering your copy of Faith & Wellness now!

Here's What's Coming in The Book of the Month Club:

April - In His Service with Tim Yarbrough
May - Larceny in the Heart with Peter Allison
June - Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum with Andrea Schwartz
July - Sovereignty with Martin Selbrede
August - The American Indian with Mark Rushdoony

...More dates to be announced!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Authorized Bio of Clark Published: Will It Clarify The Clark Versus Van Til Debate??

INTERESTED  IN  THE  CLARK/VAN TIL  DEBATE??  Well, I just learned from a leading Clarkian, Sean Gerety, that an authorized bio of Clark has been published.  I am going to read it.  Any of you who read it, please reply to this post or email me directly at and let me know what light you think it sheds on the "real" Clark and how this affects the Clark -- Van Til Debate

Here is the info from Gerety's God's Hammer Blog:

Now Available: “The Presbyterian Philosopher” – The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark

Doug Douma’s bio on Clark is now available.  Read about it below…
I’m glad to announce that my book The Presbyterian Philosopher – The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark is now available for purchase!
After four years of effort researching and writing this book, I’m thrilled to see it come to publication. This book incorporates Dr. Clark’s personal letter collection, information from unpublished papers and sermons, letters from a half dozen archives, and interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues to detail the history of his life and give context for understanding his philosophy and the controversies in which he was involved.
The preface is written by Dr. Clark’s two daughters, Lois A. Zeller and Betsy Clark George. Endorsements for the book are from John Frame, Jay Adams, Kenneth Gary Talbot, D. Clair Davis, David J. Engelsma, William Barker, Erwin Lutzer, Frank Walker, Dominic Aquila, and Andrew Zeller.
Please contact me if you would like to review the book in your journal, or desire to interview me regarding the book for your newspaper, blog, podcast, or radio program.
Soli Deo Gloria,
-Douglas J. Douma

Book Details:
Douma, Douglas J.
The Presbyterian Philosopher
Wipf and Stock
ISBN 13: 978-1-5326-0724-0
Retail Price: $37
Pub. Date: 1/24/2017



Thursday, January 12, 2017



       When I was in high school there was a popular song which began with this lament:

"You keep me waitin' 'til it's gettin' aggravatin':  You're a slowpoke!

This was followed by several similar lines until it finally concluded with this resignation:

"Why should I keep trying to change you; it's not the thing to do!  Guess I'll have to learn to be a slowpoke too !!"

I was reminded of this song a few days ago when I was reminiscing about a saying I frequently heard in sermons at a church I used to attend:  "God is not in a hurry!".  It suddenly hit me -- that song applies to God when you come to realize that He is not in a hurry!  That is, in many respects He is -- or seems to us to be -- a Slowpoke.  Whenever God is a slowpoke we should not try to change Him but rather we should try to be a slowpoke too!  

Something to think about.