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Friday, September 29, 2017


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Hugh Hefner Dies, and the World Celebrates His Legacy. We are Seeing His Legacy in an Era of Greater Perversion with Greater Accessibility.

Rushdoony exposed the worldview of pornagraphers and their war against Christian civilization.
With his recent passing, the world is celebrating the life of Hugh Hefner, but what’s not realized is that Hefner was but one part of a larger war against Christian civilization that has its roots in the liberation theology of the French pervert, the Marquis de Sade. This war is still with us.
This $57 billion dollar industry is swallowing peoples worldwide as its revenues exceed that of professional football, baseball, and basketball combined. Statistics reveal that upwards of 40 million American adults regularly visit over 372 million published pornographic web pages. How did we get here?
In the “free love” decade of the 1960s, the New Left refashioned pornography into a new image—the symbol of moral freedom. What was once sold “under the counter” as filth was now celebrated as the literary symbol of liberation from God and His law-word. This refashioning was nothing new. It was but an echo of the liberation theology of the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814).
In 1974, R. J. Rushdoony, wrote, “[T]his new pornography, first conceived by Sade - will not be eliminated by moral indignation or by legislation.”
Rushdoony recognized that the roots of pornography are religious, and it must be resisted religiously.
In this powerful book Noble Savages (formerly The Politics of Pornography) Rushdoony demonstrates that in order for modern man to justify his perversion he must reject the Biblical doctrine of the fall of man. If there is no fall, the Marquis de Sade argued, then all that man does is normative. Rushdoony concluded, “[T]he world will soon catch up with Sade, unless it abandons its humanistic foundations.”
In his conclusion Rushdoony wrote, “Symptoms are important and sometimes very serious, but it is very wrong and dangerous to treat symptoms rather than the underlying disease. Pornography is a symptom; it is not the problem.” What is the problem? It’s the philosophy behind pornography—the rejection of the fall of man that makes normative all that man does. Learn it all in this timeless classic.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017




The Gospel of Salvation & the Obedience of Faith
Mark Rushdoony
If I can be so bold as to suggest there was a blessing from the Obama years, it would be to note that the assertion my father was the godfather of the “religious right” did seem to fade away.  You see, once they had power, the left viewed the opposition as irrelevant and largely ignored them. (That is a constant difference between the left and the right in the U.S. When the left is in power, it ignores the right and forces the agenda. When the “conservatives” are in power, they seek bi-partisan consensus.) 
I knew it would reappear after the Republicans embarrassed the Democrats last November. The old rhetoric was bound to re-surface. The left would accuse the right of trying to establish a theocratic state. Of course, the sinister mastermind of the plan is always held to be my father, R. J. Rushdoony. 
In reality, my father was disgusted with American politics, right as well as left. He quit voting for the Republican presidential candidate long before I did. When Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976, he only briefly noted it in his journal: 
Listened briefly to election returns and apparent defeat of Gerald Ford. I detest Carter, but am not unhappy at Ford’s defeat. Any man who has so little contact with reality as to say Poland is a free country is as dangerous as Carter.
My father’s only political interest was in reclaiming power from the political arena and returning it to the spheres of family, church, and the free enterprises of individuals. His political involvement was to fight statism, not use it as a mechanism of Christian action.
Too much thought in theonomy centers around what the state would look like and do in a Christian social order. That makes theonomy an academic subject when it should be a very practical one when God’s Law is brought to bear on our family, businesses, and church life. A theocratic order cannot be imposed by state action and that is not what my father suggested, advocated, or taught.Theonomy means “God’s law” and can only come about when it is embraced by a repentant people. The gospel of salvation must be followed by the obedience of faith. Faith must be followed by faithfulness. Our message is that of the old hymn, “Trust and Obey.”