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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



James Walker, Growing Up With Jessica, A True Story, (Xulon Press, 2005)

Reviewed By Forrest Wayne Schultz

In this account of his daughter Jessica’s severe lifelong handicap, James Walker focuses the reader’s attention on the Providential provision of the persons the family needed to handle the handicap: the spiritual counsel of Josh McDowell and James Dobson plus the practical help provided by the doctors, the lawyer, and the photojournalist noted. The book is also pertinent for those interested in the detrimental effects sometimes produced by vaccinations. And, finally, Walker’s experience shows that the Federal Governmental bureaucracy is still alive and ever thwarting the efforts of those trying to use it and unresponsive unless threatened with dire results! Although the photos in the book are unfortunately in black-and-white, the front cover is graced with a beautiful color photo of Jessica in which no trace of the handicap is apparent.

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