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Friday, April 06, 2007



Edward Mrkvicka, Jr. Be Not Deceived [ Victoria , BC ( Canada ): Trafford Pub., 2006]

Reviewed by Forrest W. Schultz

The book under review here contains an abundance of Scriptural quotations which clearly refute the “easy believism” notion which has wrought enormous harm to contemporary Christianity by claiming that one can receive salvation from Christ without obeying the commandments of Christ. However, antinomianism is not a distinctively modern notion, as the author sometimes implies, but has been a plague throughout the history of the church beginning with first century AD Nicolaitinism, which the author himself discusses as something that Christ hates.

The author rightly inveighs against the man-centered nature of antinomianism but he leaves himself open to the charge of being man-centered by failing to place his discussion of the receiving and retaining of salvation within the context of the drawing power of God and the keeping power of God which fulfill the plan of God for the salvation of man.

Be Not Deceived is an apt title for this book because of its stern warnings against believing the Satanic lie of antinomianism, which promotes sin among Christians by getting them to believe they need not obey God’s law. Gaining victory through refuting Satanic lies also plays a prominent role in gaining victory over sin by Christians who do want to obey God, as Neil Anderson showed in The Bondage Breaker. Both these books show how devastating Satanic lies can be and that clear courageous Scriptural thinking is needed to defeat them and gain victory.

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