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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

     Van Til's insistence on the importance of presuppositions is borne out in the various conclusions being drawn about what to do to prevent another school murder atrocity.
     Using the same data one group insists that the answer is super-stict gun control laws, while another group says that the answer is to arm the teachers. 
     Think about that for a while!!
     btw, perhaps I should apologize for the miniscule number of posts I have writing for my blog.  I have been so busy with so much computer stuff to do that I rarely have time.  I will try to do better and post at least once a day, if possible. 
     In re the Connecticut tragedy, in today's American Vision post they raised the question of the effect on Adam Lansky of his parents' divorce.  That is something to be pondered, and it is noteworthy that in all the TV news reports and analyses I did not hear anyone mention that.


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