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Friday, July 27, 2012



Faeraven Enters The Mythosphere

A review of

Janalyn Voigt DawnSinger (Harbourlight Books, 2012)
                     342 pp  $16.99  ISBN-10: 1611162009  ISBN-13: 978-1611162004

Reviewed by: Forrest Schultz

     The Mythosphere, discovered by Dianna Wynne Jones, is expanding at an ever increasing rate as ever more great fantasy worlds are produced. The latest entry into faerie is named Faeraven by its creator, Janalyn Voigt, whose debut novel DawnSinger takes us there via the unforgettable tale of Princess Shae, who through many vicissitudes learns that her destiny is to journey to a far out place to sing a song to summon the world's Saviour.

     Of course, this sort of thing is par for the course of great fantasy and it is also par for the course in being its own special creation rather than a copying of some one else's tale. And, in Eric Wilson's words, the writing itself is fresh and crisp and muscular and lyrical. Plus the whole atmosphere breathes fantasy, including the Celtic names for the places, beings, and dramatis personae, for which a glossary is appended in the back of the book. The front cover of the book is a beauty but, surprisingly, the map is very poor, but then I alsmost never use the maps anyway, except to note their style!

     Voigt's story is recommended for a good summer read. The next book in the Faeraven trilogy, WayFarer, is expected to be published soon.

     For more information on the author get onto your flying horses (she calls them wingabeasts) and go visit these sites  and

    By the way,  in writing "DawnSinger" and "WayFarer" I did not make an error in spacing.  The author intends for them to be written like that.  This is not unprecedented.  I know of a photography exhibition which is called "SlowExposures".


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