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Friday, July 27, 2012


A Fantasy Concerned About Reality

A review of

R. L. Copple Reality's Fire [Volume 3 of Reality Chronicles] (Splashdown Books, 2012)
                     $11.98 248 pp ISBN-10: 1927154243 ISBN-13: 978-1927154243

Reviewer: Forrest W. Schultz

     In a classical fantasy -- such as the one under review here -- there are some physical laws which are different, but the moral and spiritual principles are the same. For example, deception and other evils are just as wrong in Copple's fantasy as they are in the real world. His story is especially concerned with exposing deception in order to lay bare the ugly reality concealed by it. As such it has relevance for today's world which abounds with spiritual counterfeits which are deceiving many.

     A good synopsis of Reality's Fire is found on the rear jacket of the book. Its heading "reality revealed by fire" refers to he eschatological expose' noted in I Cor 3:13. Analogies are found in the story, e.g. the expose' of a town falsely calling itself Paradise. And the story focusses on questions concerning whether or not one of the characters is decieved about something. And the main concern in the story is rescuing Crystal from the demon who deceived her and is possessing her.

     Although this is a serious story pertaining to serious matters, there is a considerable amount of humor involved as well. One example, was the fear of falling off of the magic carpet while it was flying through the air.

     If you like fantasy that is fun and deals with important stuff, then I recommend reading this one.

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