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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Finale of The Drama in Dale Cramer's Amish-In-Mexico Story "Though Mountains Fall"


Dale Cramer is one of my favorite authors.  Here is my review of the conclusion of his Amish-In-Mexico trilogy:

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Compiled by: Forrest W. Schultz 770-583-3258
December 14, 2012

The Finale of The Drama in Dale Cramer's Amish-In-Mexico Story

A review of

Dale Cramer Though Mountains Fall, Book 3 of The Daughers of Caleb Bender (Bethany House, 2013)
                      352 pp     $14.99     ISBN-10: 0764208403   ISBN-13: 978-0764208409

Reviewed by: Forrest W. Schultz

     Since Dale Cramer is known for the realism of his novels, it is not surprising that his Amish stories are dramatic: throughout their long history the Amish have been plagued with both internal strife as well as hostility from without. Amish fiction is quite popular now but Cramer's is unique in that the setting of his novels is not America, but Mexico. In Cramer's story the external hostility is different because it comes from the Mexican bandits and the federales and the Hacienda.

     Unlike most of today's novels about the Amish, Cramer's is a work of historical fiction: Caleb Bender and his family were real people and they really did found an Amish colony in Mexico. But, since little information about this colony has been preserved, most of what is found in Cramer's story is fictional.

     In this concluding book of his trilogy the development both of the particular internal strife and the particular external hostilities in the story comes to a climactic head followed by a resolution which, I guess, is about as much as we can hope for on this side of glory. The story throughout is moving, thought-provoking, well-paced and a very good read.

     The book is scheduled to be released in January 2013.

     Information on the author is available on his website


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