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Friday, April 20, 2012

Starla Anne Lowry Publishes Remarkable Hillbilly Fantasy

 A Romp of Multi-Genre Escapades:


Hillbilly Girl Lizzie Jane Makes Her Debut


A review of


Starla Anne Lowry Adventures of Lizzie Jane -- "Country Girl" (South Wales, UK:  New Life Publications, 2012)

                               117 pp   $14.00   ISBN: 978-0-9567950-1-4


Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz



     I would be hard pressed to think of any adventure story I have ever read or heard of which includes a greater variety of escapades and genres than Starla Anne Lowry's debut novel.  Lizzie Jane narrowly escapes drowning and dangerous wild animals and witches and zombies and kidnappers and savages and Bermuda Triangle time-warps!    And I have never met in real life or in fiction a character quite like Lizzie Jane.  There have been others who have had adventures like hers, but none that responded to them in quite the same way.  Nor approached life in general in quite the same way. 


     Some of this uniqueness is due to the particular form of Southern culture found in its rural mountainous areas, where Lizzie Jane has most of her adventures.  The author writes about this area and its society with the same kind of authenticity found in the novels of Sharyn McCrumb, and for the same reason.  This is where she lives:  she writes about what she knows.


     I was also quite impressed with Lizzie Jane's relationship with her mother and with God.  Here again I have never met or heard of a Christian quite like Lizzie Jane.  I was quite moved and blessed by her:  she is someone I would like to meet. The ability to create such a character is a mark of a good author.  For this reason I predict that this book and Starla Anne's future books will gain many readers.  I am privileged to have "discovered" someone like this and to be able to share it with you.



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