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Monday, February 20, 2006

Church Fires Here and In Pakistan


Church Blaze In Pakistan by Stacy L. Harp

Church burnings aren't just happening here in America, they are also happening in Pakistan. The good news is that there were no casualties.

HYDERABAD, Pakistan, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Hundreds of angry Muslims set a church on fire in southern Pakistan on Sunday during a protest over the burning of pages from the Muslim holy book the Koran, but no casualties were reported, police said.

Yes, it says Muslims. Those involved in the "religion of peace" the media likes to tell us all of the time.

They said that around 400 people also attacked and damaged a school run by a local convent in the city of Sukkur in the southern Sindh province, some 480 km (300 miles) north of Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city.

"Some pages of the Koran were burnt by a man named Arif, who had converted to Islam from Christianity a few years back," local police chief Akbar Arain told Reuters, adding the police had already arrested the accused after registering a case.

Note that Arif converted TO Islam, not from Islam. He converted TO Islam and burned the Koran. So it was a Muslim burning the Koran, not a Christian. Yet, for some reason it appears that churches where Christians worshipped were burned down. Please explain this to me?
"The issue seemed resolved, but some groups of angry youth first came to the police station demanding the custody of Irfan and later attacked and burnt a church," he told Reuters.

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February 20, 2006

Two More Alabama Church Fires by Stacy L. Harp

Over the weekend I continued to follow the news about the church fires in Alabama because I wanted to see if the media is going to cover these tragedies or just sweep them under the rug. Well, on Saturday morning I found that people are calling for the President to do some investigating and today I found that there are more church fires!

Let's look at the latest news first. According to CBS news website ...

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said someone threw an incendiary device at a Church of God in Glencoe, Ala., Sunday morning and caused minor damage to the outside of the building. A church member found the fire early enough to stop extensive damage.
The agency is calling a Friday night fire at a Christian business warehouse arson as well and is investigating a possible intentional blaze at a Methodist church on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa.

On Friday there was a call to President Bush to help in the investigation of these church fires. One organization that is calling for the President's help is the National Coalition for Burned Churches and Community Empowerment - Here is their statement in pdf form.

In light of the two recent fires, I want to urge everyone reading this blog to write about it on your blog and link back to us. This story isn't going away, and it's time that these crimes be called what they are - hate crimes towards Christians.

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