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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Read The 103rd Psalm And Look At Some Delightful Paintings

Read The 103rd Psalm And Look At Some Delightful Paintings

A Review By Forrest W. Schultz

Johannah Bluedorn, Bless The Lord: The 103rd Psalm, (Muscatine, Iowa: Trivium Pursuit, 2005) ISBN 1-933228-02-4

Each page of this book consists of a verse from the 103rd Psalm (in the King James Version) accompanied by the delightful paintings of Johannah Bluedorn. The combination of the beautiful King James English with her beautiful art makes this book an ideal gift and an ideal book to grace a coffee table.

There is a sentence on the copyright page stating that the book is the “private property” of Johannah Bluedorn. The publisher, Trivium Pursuit, is the name of the organization established by her parents, Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, to promote the usage of Classical Education methodology in Christian Homeschooling. I think it would have been a good idea to state this fact after the sentence. I learned it by going to the website address provided,, which provides very helpful information. This beautiful book by the daughter of Classical Christian Homeschooling parents provides good evidence for the greatness of the Classical method, which I have long believed in and am happy to see finally being implemented in our time.


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