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Monday, August 22, 2005

An Autobiographical Account of the Persecution of Sudanese Christians

An Autobiographical Account of the Persecution of Sudanese Christians

William O. Levi, The Bible or The Axe (Enumclaw, WA: Winepress Publishing
Co., 2004). ISBN 1-57921-732-X $19.95 335 pp

Reviewed by: Forrest W. Schultz

Of all the accounts I have read of the persecution of Christians in the Sudan, the newly published book The Bible or the Axe is the best because it is a first-hand account written by a Sudanese Christian based on his own personal experiences. It affords the most recent example of the all-important principle that the best way to teach something is by means of a story about a person who has experienced it. For anyone who is serious about wanting to know what is happening now in the Sudan and the events which led up to it, this book is “must” reading. The story it tells is very moving and very well written, and holds the readers attention until almost the end.

Unfortunately, the ending is poorly written because it departs from the story style and becomes more like a boring report, and we are told very little in that report about its subject, namely the activities conducted by the organization Operation Nehemiah, which Levi founded to help the Sudanese recover from the years of oppression and hardship. What he does say, though, is accurate, according to Nina Shea, the Vice-Chairman of the US Commission on International Freedom, who provides a ringing endorsement of Levi and his book.

In addition to learning about the persecutions, there is also some good material on how Muslims think. These are presented in the form of personal conversations between Levi and individual Muslims. I was particularly struck by one such conversation in which the Muslim expressed great surprise at the concept of having a personal relationship with God. Levi’s account of his first impressions and first experiences in America was also quite interesting. I also found it to be interesting that Levi was led to found Operation Nehemiah after a meeting with the late Richard Wurmbrand, who was the Founder of the Voice of the Martyrs and one of the most godly men of the twentieth century. Tom White, the current director of VOM, has also endorsed Levi’s book. And I endorse it too and urge you to read it and allow it to impact your heart and mind. Amen.


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