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Monday, August 22, 2005

Mind and Media: Book Reviews By Bloggers

Mind and Media: Book Reviews By Bloggers

by Forrest W. Schultz

OK, guys the book I just reviewed and posted here a few minutes ago I did on behalf of Mind and Media, run by a really fine Christian Lady, Stacy L. Harp, which is also a really great name. She sends you the book, you review it and post it on your blog. For more info, please read what is said below, which comes from the Mind and Media Info Page.

Mind & Media is leading the way
in affordable and effective
marketing for publishers, authors
and artists by tapping into the
potential of Bloggers: people that
love to read, write and review.
Please contact us to receive a
free quote for your promotional
needs. Mention this ad and
receive a 5% discount on
Blogging for books.
It works.
“Mind & Media is an affordable way to
create internet buzz for upcoming
books.” - Aaron Carriere, Baker Publishing Group
“We’ve been very pleased with the
results of our partnership with Mind &
Media.” - Randy Jahns, Senior Vice President of
Sales and Marketing, Crossway Books and Bibles
“Mind and Media provides the
opportunity to read and review diverse
books… I have also appreciated having
access to authors and the continued
discussion of their work.” - Catez Stevens,
Blogger, New Zealand
“[Mind & Media] advanced the sales
of my Book. After reading the
reviews, many readers went to our
website… or Amazon to purchase it…
Make the process of marketing your
book an exciting adventure.” - Georgiana
Preskar, Author, Seeds of Deception
“I’ve reviewed one book so far with
Mind and Media and I can’t wait to
get started on the next one. I also
can’t wait to read the reviews from
other reviewers - it’s now my best
resource for book hunting!” - Natalie Jost,
Blogger, Indiana
Publicity with Faith


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