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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The "Fault" Of The Coming Quake -- Review of Karen Van Til Gushta's "How Can America Survive?"


A  Review  of:

Karen Van Til Gushta How Can America Survive? (Truth in Action Ministries, 2012)
                                    255 pp   $   ISBN: 978-1-929626-09-0

Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz

     I still remember how I used to jokingly reply to the news of a California earthquake by proclaiming:  "Don't blame me; it was Sandreas Fault!".  I had fun doing that, but there is nothing funny about the horrendous economic earthquake which the author predicts unless Americans rapidly begin to take drastic steps to avert it.  Her analysis of the problem is quite extensive as well as intensive which results in her recommendations which are quite drastic.  The diagnosis as well as the cure are too complex to summarize here, but what is simple about them is their ultimate basis, which involves a radical repentance of our sins and a return to the radical faith in and obedience to God, which are taught in the Bible, not only to insure our eternal destiny but also to provide great blessings in all areas of life here and now.

     Gushta's uncompromising stance here is not surprising because she is thereby following in the footsteps of her Great Uncle, Prof. Cornelius Van Til, which is where her middle name comes from.

March 7, 2017


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