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Thursday, January 12, 2017



       When I was in high school there was a popular song which began with this lament:

"You keep me waitin' 'til it's gettin' aggravatin':  You're a slowpoke!

This was followed by several similar lines until it finally concluded with this resignation:

"Why should I keep trying to change you; it's not the thing to do!  Guess I'll have to learn to be a slowpoke too !!"

I was reminded of this song a few days ago when I was reminiscing about a saying I frequently heard in sermons at a church I used to attend:  "God is not in a hurry!".  It suddenly hit me -- that song applies to God when you come to realize that He is not in a hurry!  That is, in many respects He is -- or seems to us to be -- a Slowpoke.  Whenever God is a slowpoke we should not try to change Him but rather we should try to be a slowpoke too!  

Something to think about.




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