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Monday, March 06, 2017

"THE LATEST ED WAR" -- Review of Karen Van Til Gushta's Common Core

Here is my review of Karen Van Til Gusta's latest book.



A Review of

Karen Van Til Gushta Common Core (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2015)
                                     $15.00   144 pp   ISBN: 978-1-929626-63-2

Reviewer:  Forrest Wayne Schultz

     In this very important and well-written book Dr. Karen Van Til Gushta explains what Common Core is, who favors it and who opposes it, why it is harmful, and how it fits into the contemporary trend in American education in which ever more power is being wielded by the federal government, and in which the conduct of education is becoming ever more bureaucratic and ever more anti-Christian.  I highly recommend this book as I did the author's earlier book The War On Children -- in fact, this book can be regarded as the latest battle in the war against children! Oh --  and in case you are wondering about the author's middle name, Cornelius Van Til is her great uncle, and, as the saying goes she is following in his steps!!  

March 6, 2017


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