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Friday, March 18, 2011

Quinquicentennial of the Birth of Perre Viret

I planned for some time the short recent posts here on the Quadricentennial of the KJV and the Fiftieth Anniversay of The Genesis Flood, whose great importance were long familiar to me.

But it was not until the March/April issue of Faith For All Of Life (FFAOL) magazine that I had ever heard of Pierre Viret and that 2011 is the quinquicentennial of his birth (1511). Most of the articles in the magazine deal with Viret, and the front cover sports an excellent painting of him. For me the most noteworthy thing was that the academy at Geneva for which Calvin was famous was begun by Viret in Lausanne, and then moved from there to Geneva when the stupid governmental authorities in Bern kicked Viret out. Calvin took it over after Viret left Geneva to minister in southern France. This and many more interesting facts are discussed in this issue. I found the article on Viret's view of war to be very good, and dealing with issues often omitted in Reformed discussions of this topic.

While I am on the subject of FFAOL, let me encourage any of you who are not familiar with it to check it out. It was founded by Rushdoony and is now run by his son Mark and Martin Selbrede. For info on the magazine and the other activities of The Chalcedon Foundation, go to




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