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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Peter Lilback's GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SACRED FIRE -- a few remarks

A Few Remarks on

Peter Lilback's George Washington's Sacred Fire

by Forrest Schultz

I am in too much of a hurry for a book review, so I will just quickly say what I want to say.

I intended to read this book right after it was published in 2006, ,but just now finally got around to it.

In my judgment, Lilback has proven his thesis that Washington was a Christian, not a Deist.

However, it needs to be made plain, as Lilback does, that the term "Christian" does not mean all of the things associated with the term today by fundamentalists and evangelicals. Washington was an 18th century orthodox Episcopalian, which needs to be kept in mind

Another distinction which needs to be made, which Lilback makes, concerns the term "Enlightenment". According to the way we usually use the term today to mean Humanism, Washington was not an Enlightenment man. But the term Enlightenment sometimes is used in a broader sense in which genuine christians are included. In that sense there are two kinds of Enlightenment -- a christian one and a humanist one, and Washington was an enlightenment man in the christian version of the enlightenment.

There is also lots and lots of great info in the book, including a chapter about the Masons.





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