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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Fiftieth Anniversary of The Genesis Flood


by Forrest W. Schultz

In 1961 an extremely significant book was published, Whitcomb & Morris's The Genesis Flood, which conclusively demonstrated both from Scripture and from the facts and laws of science that the Genesis Account of The Creation and The Flood really happened. I first heard of this remarkable book in a lecture given in 1963 near Philadelphia by Dr. Gary Parker, who then was a biology professor at what was then Eastern Baptist College at St. Davids, PA and who later traveled all over the place delivering the message of that Earth-shaking book. I was so astonished I went up and spoke with him afterward and copied down the exact info on the book so I could purchase it, which I did several days later, and WOW, what an experience -- WHAT an eye-opener that was!!

I could go on and on but I need to get off the computer now, so I will refer you for further info to the magazine of the Institute for Creation Research, Acts & Facts, their February 2011 issue which features a special article on the subject and notes a new book which updates TGF.

Info on ICR is available at




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