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Thursday, June 12, 2008




The March-April 2008 issue of Mission Frontiers magazine contains an article by Jonathan Rice discussing the tragic consequences of the anti-intellectual conception of faith in 19th century British Christianity (pp. 11-14) and an article by Vishal Mangalwadi advocating a Christianity with a strong emphasis on knowledge and truth (pp. 15 - 18) and an article by Rick Wood lamenting our proclamation of a defective Gospel (pp. 9 - 10).

One of the results of today’s perverted, sub-standard Christianity is noted on page 4 by the Editor Ralph Winter: “Kenya, with over 400 denominations and almost as many Evangelicals as in all of Europe, has exploded before our eyes -- into nasty and unprecedented intertribal warfare -- despite being 80% Christian, just like the USA. Nearby, the Central African Republic is considered by some to be one of the most dangerous and corrupt countries of the world. ... Well, 70% of the country is “Christian” in 59 denominations, with a higher percentage of Evangelicals than any other country in Africa. In Nagaland, almost 100% of the Nagas are Christian -- it is the most Christian state in India. It is also considered the most corrupt.”

Now there are many people who suppose that it is only in America and Europe that we have perverted Christianity. They think, “Ahh, the Christians on the mission field -- now there we have the real Christianity !” Not so!! I purpose cited these examples from Africa and Asia to make the point that defective Christianity is found all around the globe, not just in the West. When I was a very young Christian I kept hearing about the supposedly great revival going on in Uganda. I learned how spurious that was when soon afterward Idi Amin, a very vicious dictator, took over the country. Actually we should not expect anything else -- since our churches are messed up we will send out missionaries who are messed up who will produce converts who are messed up.

I hate to have to mention this, but, hey, it is there and we had better deal with it. There is one sign of hope and that is the magazine noted here which has a thoughtful and courageous editor, Dr. Ralph Winter, who is willing to discuss embarrassing stuff like this instead of sweeping it under the rug.




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