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Thursday, June 12, 2008



When I was a young man, shortly after my conversion, in the early 1960s, a young British ultraliberal Anglican Bishop named John A. T. Robinson caused an uproar with his best-selling book Honest To God, which in no way taught anything new, but merely repeated the heretical notions found in such liberals as Paul Tillich and Rudolf Bultmann, who were very popular with liberal Protestants back then. What was new was a BISHOP saying these things which were clearly contrary to the official doctrinal stance of the Church of England. Now there had been plenty of Anglican clergy who thought as he did but at least they did not come out and say it in front of the servants! (You should not come out and say such things publicly; they should stay "in the closet", don't you know.) There was such a firestorm ignited by this (then young, but now old) Bishop Robinson that a new book soon appeared entitled The Honest To God Debate. There also was a witty British conservative named O. Fielding Clarke who countered Robinson's book with one of his own bearing this witty title, For Christ's Sake! (Get it -- Honest To God !! For Christ's Sake !!)

Well, now, history has been repeating itself, this time on our side of the pond, with a new Bishop Robinson, this one called Gene Robinson, from NEW England, who has come out of the closet, admitted that he is "gay", and is now finally, several years later, openly "marrying" his "partner" [in crime]. Here again, you see, there have always been "homos" in the church, but at least in the past they did not come out and flaunt it.

The article about this is produced below. You will note how controversial this is in the Lambeth Conference, which is the worldwide organization of Anglican Churches. The reason for this is that while the British Anglicans have been becoming more and more liberal, the African Anglican churches, which are rapidly growing, are very Biblical and are getting more and more upset at the antics of these Robinson types. At a recent Lambeth Conference, the American ultraliberal Bishop Spong was verbally attacked by some of these Africans, one of them going so far as to try to exorcise the demons in Spong!!

I tell you folks, I don't know where people get the idea that church is boring!!

OK, here, without further adieu, is the aforementioned article hot off the press from AP:

NH gay bishop, partner joined in civil union

By NORMA LOVE, Associated Press Writer Sun Jun 8, 9:45 AM ET

CONCORD, N.H. - The first openly gay Episcopal bishop and his partner of 20 years have been united in a private civil union.

The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson was legally joined to Mark Andrew, his partner of 20 years, in a civil ceremony Saturday, the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire announced.
Civil unions became legal in New Hampshire this year.

The union was performed five years to the day after New Hampshire Episcopalians elected him as their bishop.

The civil and a following religious service of thanksgiving were both held at St. Paul's Church in Concord.

Robinson had made public his intention to join his partner, but had kept the date secret out of concern about security. Spokesman Mike Barwell said the ceremony was intentionally private.

"Initially, the idea was to have it in a public building to make clear it was a public civil ceremony and a private thanksgiving ceremony," Barwell said Sunday.

The plan changed out of respect for next month's worldwide Anglican church conference in England, called the Lambeth Conference, and out of concern for the couple's security.
Robinson had announced in March that he would have no official role in that conference, saying restrictions that organizers wanted to place on his involvement had caused him "considerable pain."

Robinson was told last year that he could not fully participate in the once-a-decade gathering in England as the world Anglican Communion has been on the brink of schism over his 2003 election.

The civil union was performed by Ronna Wise, a longtime friend and justice of the peace.
About 120 family and close friends attended.

Robinson and Andrew decided to enter the union before Robinson's trip to ensure they have legal protections New Hampshire's civil union law gives gay couples. The law bestows all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, which includes inheritance and other rights enjoyed by married couples.
On the Net:
Diocese: http://www.nhepisco

http://news. s/ap/20080608/ ap_on_re/ gay_bishop


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