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Monday, December 18, 2017

An Update On The Acts Of The Anti-Family Movements -- A Review of Karen Van Til Gushta's "The Assault On Families

An  Update  On  The  Acts  Of  The  Anti-Family  Movements

A  Review  of

Karen Van Til Gushta The Assault On Families (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2017)
                                       (Special Report)   41 pp   ISBN: 978-1-929626-77-9

Reviewer:  Forrest W. Schultz

     For quite some time now the members of the D. James Kennedy Ministries organization have been in the forefront of those who have sought to learn and live out the Biblical world-view in all areas of life.  Their latest publication, under review here, brings us up to date on the various attacks upon American families, all of them being very serious matters.

      The author, Dr. Karen Van Til Gushta, named after her great uncle Professor Cornelius Van Til, has shown herself to be a worthy successor of her famous forebear:  she knows what it means to wield the Van Til Tool, a good example being her latest writing, which not only documents the nefarious activities of the various anti-family groups, but clearly shows how unbiblical they are.

   AND, she also adds a special bonus (on p. 28), something I had never heard of before, namely the thought-provoking idea that the philosophy behind the transgender movement is a form of Gnosticism !!  I have done a huge amount of research into the influences of Gnosticism and Platonism on Western theology and culture, but I never heard of or discovered this one!!  I am going to make this my next theology research project!

     I highly recommend this book as I have the author’s earlier books on The War On Children and Common Core.  Info on D. James Kennedy Ministries is available on their website    



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