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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Shattering The Silence:

Revelations Of The Sexual Abuse Of Boys

And What To Do About It

A Review of

Cecil Murphey When a Man You Love was Abused (Grand Rapids. MI: Kregel, 2010)
256 pp ISBN 978-0-8254-3353-5

Reviewer: Forrest W. Schultz

In spite of his track record as a veteran author -- over 100 books, several of them best sellers -- "Cec" Murphey had a very difficult time getting his latest book published. This is not actually surprising when you consider that it deals with such an explosive subject -- the sexual abuse of boys.

It also is not suprising that Murphey would be concerned about this horrendous subject: he himself was a victim of sexual abuse when he was a boy -- a fact he brings to light in this book. He thereby sets an example for what he encourages other male sexual abuse victims to do -- admit it and seek help! Part I of his book presents information on the abuse which has been occurring, the devastating effects it has on the victims, and the need for healing. Part II is particulary addressed to women wishing to help a man they love who is suffering from having been molested as a child.

There are two caveats which need to be stated here. First, the author does not "pull any punches", so that some of the material will be very difficult to read for some. For example, one thing he discusses is cases in which mothers have sexually abused their sons! The second caveat is that, although Part II is specifically addressed to women, much of the advice given there is useful for anyone -- man or woman -- wishing to help a man find healing from molestation. This book should be read by everyone -- male and female -- not just by women. The wording of the title should be altered to reflect that fact. Also, in this regard, it is noteworthy that the general remarks section, Part I, is much longer (160 pp), than the remarks specifically directed to women, Part II (only 89 pages).

I stole the first line of my title of this review from the blog Cec established to discuss this subject: Shattering The Silence. The blog address is Anyone interested in this subject -- either reading about it or contributing to it -- is welcome to visit this blog, and, if interested, share his thoughts. Anyone having suffered from this horrific sin is encouraged to share with others anything which may be helpful in gaining a better understanding of this matter and how to gain healing from it.


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